Thursday 18th December 2014
Weather in Watchet

This website is based around a guide published by the Watchet Town Council to help promote the town. By increasing an awareness of Watchet and its many charms we hope that visitors will be encouraged to come here and by their presence help and enhance the regeneration of the town.

With many of the traditional industries either in decline or having been overtaken by the passing of time, Watchet is seeking to reinvent itself from the Viking Invasions and the Port of a Thousand Years to meet the challenges and demands of life in the 21st Century.

Watchet has character and uniqueness that are rarely found elsewhere, and it is this heritage, both in its people and places, that Watchet Town Council is seeking to promote with the publication of the booklet and this website.

We hope you will visit Watchet, tell your friends about us, and come back as often as possible. We will always offer you a warm welcome and share with you the true spirit of our town.

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